dimanche 26 septembre 2010

Next stop : London

After Hossegor, I went 3 days with my mum in London for the first time ! I spent an amazing week end ...

Tower bridge

Sushi time
Mme Tussaud

Hyde park

Camden market


Last week, I spent 6 days in Hossegor with the French team. We surfed all the days, cycled and other sports ...
Big waves, good weather, sunburns ... were present almost all week long. It was nice to spend one week at the ocean before the beginning of the season :)

lundi 13 septembre 2010


Chilling and skating in a secret spot with friends and my coatch Ben, the best in the world!

And some pictures of NZ now ... Good memories !

Cardrona, from the plane

samedi 4 septembre 2010

Back to France

Back to France... and back to school !
I spent my last two weeks at school & home. I saw all my friends and partied with them, wich was pretty cool :)

Now, I have one more week at school and after I'm going near Hossegor to do some surf with the French team !

Laurie & I at school !