lundi 17 janvier 2011

BEO is over

End of the BEO ...
Saturday morning the weather was not good once again, we could not see a lot. So they decided to cancelled the semi-finals and all the girls were in finals and we had 2 runs instead of 3. Unfortunately for me i fell two times. I was disappointed but sometime it's happened!
Check this out : n-open-2011.html

Margot & I. By Germain Ozer

Bad weather ..
Clem & I at the start. Qualification day.
And check this edit edited by Margot Rozies about Roxy girls at the BEO !

Now, I'm in Les 2 Alpes for Europe cup (pipe & slopestyle). Keep in touch !

jeudi 13 janvier 2011

Chill day in Laax

Today, when we woke up we looked trough the window it was raining. So we just decided to chill like both pipe and slopestyle was closed for the men !
What's a chill day with Clem ? We made "crêpes" for Gary (Quiksilver team manager) and us and I can tell you we are such good chef ahah ;) and we went to the sauna in our appartement ... Awesomeeeee !

Now it's time to have dinner with Roxy & Quiksilver team!
Tomorrow is gonna be the last day of training before semi-finals on saturday, hope the weather will be good!


lundi 10 janvier 2011

Burton European Open

BEO is on !
Today I had some training in half-pipe, the weather was not really good, really froggy but the sun came in the end of the afternoon. So stocked to ride pipe again, after one month without riding pipe !
Keep in touche for next days ;)

BEO - 2010