dimanche 1 août 2010

Summer 2010

The beginning of this summer was pretty busy ! I ride in Les 2 Alpes during more than two weeks. I was there for the Kumi Yama too. There was a lot of people, it was really nice ! The weather was good, it was sunny all days and the snow was so soft.

Kumi Yama

Kumi Yama again

A fter that, I had to go to school for three weeks. It was so boring because all my friends were in holidays !
But I was so excited to go to New Zealand at the end of school !

After such a long travel (almost 3 days!), I'm now in NZ since last tuesday. Last week, the weather was good so I did some pipe. It was pretty funny & cool :)
But now it has been doing bad weather for 3 days, it rained a lot. Cardrona was closed, Snowpark too so I went to Queenstown to do some shopping ! So nice !

Wanaka, sunset...

Queenstown, shopping day !
So much water in the garden !

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