vendredi 11 février 2011


Hello guys! It's been a while I didn't give news to all of you ! So since my last post so much things happened !
First I went to Les 2 Alpes in France for 3 Europa cups (2 in pipe & 1 in slopestyle). I'm pretty stocked about what I did : 2 times 2nd in pipe and 3rd in slopestyle! Sounds good for next Europa cups :)

And after I went to Isola 2000 to do some boardercross (yes boardercross..!). If you don't know, this year there are the "FOJE", it's the Olympic Games for youg people and it's only in boardercross this year and not in pipe.. So i decided to take a chance to go there ant it worked after a 2nd place at the Europa cup in boardercross! I was really surprised with this result like I did not train in boarder for almost 3 years.

I'm now leaving tomorrow in Czech Republic for the Olympics & for 2 Europa cups in pipe after ! I'll try my best to put news everyday about Olympics & everything :) Keep in touch!

Here are some photos I did for Level gloves and some article in news paper, website ...

and finally :

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